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Bluubin Accounting Software


We are an official reseller of Bluubin Accounting


BluuBin was established in 2007 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to streamline the accounting processes of their own group of businesses. The need was to automate as many of the administrative processes as possible and to make it so easy that anyone could understand it.


Obviously we also wanted to save a bit on our ever-ballooning accountants’ and auditors’ bills. It turned out that the system was so successful in achieving our objectives that we just had to share it with other like-minded businesses and in 2009, started marketing the system.

Since then, BluuBin’s customer base has steadily grown through word-of-mouth which has allowed us to keep extending our fantastic system to be even better.


  • Cloud Based Accounting System
  • Online Payroll System
  • Safe and Secure