Tips on Curbing Corporate Fraud

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1.    Assess risk. Identify what activities are outsourced, moved between different groups, and transferred across borders, and which activities are performed by the board of directors, top managers, employees, suppliers, customers, competitors and external contractors. Recognizing risk spots determines where prevention and detection mechanisms should be placed. 2.    Assess corporate culture. Identify the ethical tone […]

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

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The most obvious reason why anyone would hire anyone is efficiency. Let’s pretend that I like being a software engineer and I’m good at it. People in Silicon Valley would easily paid $100 and hour for this. Let’s also say that I’m really bad at changing the oil in my car and mowing my lawn […]

How to be a better employee?

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The interesting thing about hiring new employees, such as my situation,  is that you have to re-emphasis what you are looking for in your new hires. As an employer, you tend to take for granted certain things about long-standing employees.  For younger workers, there is a dual challenge of figuring out how to make yourself […]

What inflation truly means

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Inflation has become a permanent part of modern life. What does this mean to most people? * It means you have to work harder just to stay in one place. (Does that explain how you’ve been feeling?). * It means you can’t just save your money, you must find ways to grow it faster than […]

How to claim for pothole damage

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A car passes a pothole in Immink Drive near Bara Hospital in Soweto. Claiming from the Joburg Roads Agency is a long and complicated process. Picture: Itumeleng English Johannesburg – With so many of the city’s roads still looking like war zones after the heavy rains of a few weeks ago, tyre fitment centres are […]

Sage Evolution

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Sage Evolution is feature-rich with add-on modules that make it a truly revolutionary ERP software solution Are you finding it difficult to get an integrated and holistic view of your business? Revolutionise the way you do business with the Sage Evolution ERP Software solution. It delivers an entirely new dimension in business management software, taking […]

Sage Pastel Partner Advantage

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Smart Accounting Software that keeps you on the right side of the taxman. Sage Pastel Partner Advantage is more than traditional accounting software. It is an integrated software solution that helps small and medium sized companies manage their business and gain control. Work smarter using automated business processes, always receive the latest software version at […]