• Excellary 2018 Payroll System on MS Excel

    Its finally available πŸ™‚


    This is a new type of Excellary Payroll. Using MS Excel VBA we could implement more into the system.

    • Employees Leave are implemented including a leave form.
    • Batch Payslip Printouts.
    • Save as PDF button
    • Faster Payroll able to handle more employees with ease.
    • Index Page
    • Lots more


    Selling for only R2000 its able to handle at least 400 employees.

    Have a look at the video.



  • a Free to use Employer Leave Register. Take it for a test drive πŸ™‚


  • Its updated and looking great! Yes, the SA budget speech was delivered and your Payroll needed an update πŸ™‚

    Excellary Lean 2017

    What’s changed:

    • New look throughout the program
    • Easier navigation
    • Less stuff to fill into your payroll, faster and easier to perform your month end.
    • Updated tax tables for 2017



  • Another FREE Exceller file for all our loyal customers πŸ™‚

    Get your FREE Copy of Ultimate Business Calculator V2.0 here:


    Ultimate Calculator V2.0

  • Yes, its back and its still solid and macro free. Your all-round payroll on Excel solution is updated with some enhancements.

    Go have a look, click on the below image πŸ™‚

    Excellary Lean 2016

    • Β Very Easy to use, straight forward.
    • Very fast
    • You have a database with for the payslips (Just choose a period, an Employee and print)
    • Very small Excel File, you can even email us the Payroll File.
    • Report for your monthly EMP201
    • Report for your annual IRP5 or IT3
    • Details of your staff
    • You can pay for any period backwards.
    • VERY Cheap price, only R650 per year.
    • Works on any Excel on PC.

  • This is the best Invoice system available on MS Excel.


    • Customer Management
    • Creditor Management
    • Invoice recording (New Invoice) to a database
    • Invoice Replay (Copy Invoice)
    • Full Stock Management – Purchases + Sales + Pricing + Level
    • Small size


    Click on Image to view

    Invoice Manager

  • Till Register is a easy way to keep track of your daily takings.


    Need to know…

    • Uses Macro security
    • Keeps track of daily amounts
    • Recall daily amounts and shortages

    (read more…)

  • This is our Customizable Payroll System on MS Excel. The Payroll is is easy to use (no training is needed) and very quick.


    Need to knows…


    • South African Income Tax Legislation
    • Print payslips within the Payroll. (Or save to PDF)
    • EMP201 (Monthly SARS PAYE/UIF/LBS submission form)
    • IRP5/IT3 Reports to use with SARS Easyfile Employer.

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