What inflation truly means

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Inflation has become a permanent part of modern life. What does this mean to most people?

* It means you have to work harder just to stay in one place. (Does that explain how you’ve been feeling?).

* It means you can’t just save your money, you must find ways to grow it faster than inflation.

* It means your pension won’t support you. (Nor will your policies: those fantastic ‘projected values’ the life insurance consultants show you are close on meaningless.)

* It’s one of the main reasons why mom is almost never at home with the kids anymore, whether she wants to be or not. The family needs two incomes now.

* Which means that in tight times, mom doesn’t have the option of going to work – a kind of insurance policy families used to have. She’s already at work, so where’s the extra going to come from?

Don’t let anyone tell you inflation is needed for economic growth. A look at history will tell you otherwise. However, strangely enough I do think inflation is good for PERSONAL growth. Why?

Because any problem is a hidden opportunity